Living away from home, staying at a hostel is nice and fun, but we cannot not miss the home-cooked food. Ghar ka khaana is a vibe, and there’s nothing that matches it. And even though food at a mess or canteen ‘tries’, it usually drives us away from hostels. Basically, this is what desi parents mean when they say, “jab bahar nikloge, toh ‘kadar’ pata chalegi” – and well, they’re not wrong.

A Twitter user shared how after her constant complaining over mess food, a friend told his mother about it. And of course, she started sending home-cooked meals for her, almost everyday. People, ‘maa ka pyaar’ is a thing. This is literally every mother’s in-built reaction to someone not eating enough, or feeling homesick because of lack of good food.

She even told the friend that she couldn’t accept it anymore, given that there’s not enough time on her hands to cook something to send the tiffins back. After this, his mother started sending small notes along with the food. One of which read – “Enjoy the food. Children shouldn’t bother about sending empty tiffins to mother. You can send your love and affection with the tiffin, that is more than enough.”


And seriously, this is a lot more love than humans are designed to contain. How to not bawl like a baby, reading a hand-written note, that also comes with food?

Twitter was all hearts for this precious gesture. 

Moms do know how to make it all right.