Disclaimer: This video contains disturbing visuals. Please use your own discretion.

Road accidents are quite prone these days. In fact, according to the official data, deaths caused by road accidents in India have risen up to 7 per cent in five months this year, Times of India reported. Yeah, that’s a sad reality that we live in.

Speaking of which, an incident of a road accident in Ghaziabad has been grabbing headlines on the internet. And its video is going viral. It will send chills down your spine.

No, it is not just an accident video, there is a twist to it.

In the clip, posted by a Twitter user, @Benarasiyaa, a group of students in a brawl can be seen running away after witnessing a speeding car approaching towards them on the road. Meanwhile, two students, who are still standing there, are brutally hit by the vehicle.

While one of them initially lands on the windshield and then on the ground, another man gets thrown on the road. In a few seconds, both men stand on their feet and begin fighting as if nothing happened. While the one in black shirt resumes fighting with a bystander. The other one in white shirt goes away .

Watch the clip here:

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to the video:


As seen in the clip, the accident took place on NH-9 outside Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad. According to Indian Express, some students, who were part of the fight, have been detained by the police and the car is seized too.

“Immediate action is being taken in this matter, and a few students have been detained and are being questioned. The car seen in the video has been seized,” Superintendent of Police (Rural), Iraj Raja, told the website.

How did the brawl happen?

“The brawl broke out over a petty issue of respect between seniors and juniors of an engineering college. The car was being driven by a student who lost control and could not apply brakes in time,” Raja added.

Well, personally, the bone-chilling accident shocked me to the core of my heart. And I am still speechless about the fact that they managed to stand up on their feet as if nothing happened and had begun fighting. It was like definitely a ‘peak Ghaziabad’ moment. Praan jaaye par shaan na jaaye!