So, how rich do you exactly think you are? Are you earning in excess of Rs 1 lakh, say Rs 3 lakhs per month to be safe? That should make you really really rich, wouldn’t it? So when someone says, tax the rich, you really hate it, don’t you? 


Except, when they say ‘tax the rich’, they don’t mean you. Because you’re poor as hell. Not as poor as I am but still poor nevertheless. 

Of course, you don’t believe me. But allow this gentleman to put this into perspective through a simple chart, so as to keep your breeches from being soiled.  

Did you watch that? Well, that puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it? I mean, let’s be honest, even you knew nobody tries to go to ‘space’ to satisfy their ego unless they have way too much money to burn.  

Well, the video is in the process of going viral. So, of course, Twitter marinating in it. 

Look, in all fairness, if you are earning $1 million a year, we should definitely come for you as well. So tell us, how would you like to join us, peasants, in asking to eat tax the rich?