Your home is your sanctuary. And obviously, you will invest in making your house a home with all your heart and soul. So you look up on Pinterest and find trends that you relate to and others that simply make you barf.
A Redditor asked what home trends are people tired of seeing. And the answers are a mixed bag of responses.

Here are 21 home trends people are tired of seeing.

1. “Framed Pinterest-type quotes. Like ‘Live, Laugh, Love‘ and ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is‘” – fairyrainbows


2. “Painting old furniture that teal aqua colour.” – ConcreteKeys


3. “Open floor plans, everything grey. The ‘wine mom font‘ in rooms explaining what the room is for: “eat” in the kitchen, “wash” in the bathroom; like, gee thanks! I was about to take a sh** on the kitchen floor until I saw that sign!” – drunkenknitter

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4. “Open shelving in kitchens. OMG, those dishes that are not used are going to get absolutely trashed with them being all exposed to everything. Why are people removing cabinet doors? That’s not practical and even if you have everything all nice and organized, it still doesn’t look good.” – SkitzoFlamingo


5. “In addition to removing cabinet doors, not having pulls/knobs on cabinet doors! Sure, maybe it looks more ‘clean’, but it’s way less practical.” – RedBeardtongue

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6. “Grey walls. Grey furniture. Grey rugs. Grey is boring. Sorry/not sorry.” – smokealarmsnick


7. “Beautiful nurseries for the baby that are impractical and will never get used. And BARN DOOR. I worked for a family that had a barn door as their bathroom door.” – cleaning-meaning


8. “$1500 (approximately ₹1.16 lakhs) a month for rent in a small mediocre apartment.” – waterpik007


9. “Neutral overload. I don’t want a white, gray, and beige life. I want a colorful life.” – dindia91


10. “Modern Farmhouse.” – catastrophized

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11. “Stark minimalism to where there is basically nothing in the house to make it feel cozy or welcoming.” – pabestfriend

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12. “Red or royal blue being used as an exclusive accent colour throughout the entire house, with everything else being white. Unnecessary use of containers and labels when most household products already come in containers with labels. Excessive use of LED lights, especially when the strips are visible. Acrylic dining chairs, especially when I show up at your house in low rise jeans.” – limeblue31


13. “Big garages in the front that hide the whole house behind it. Gross.” – TheGoblina

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14. “Carpet is so gross and unhygienic! It’s like a dirty pad of pure dust and dirt. It doesn’t matter how much you clean. So glad I’m going with wood throughout my new house and I didn’t let anyone sway me.” – BleakHibiscus


15. “My mom is a realtor so I got dragged through my fair share of houses when she was doing showings. A huge amount of them had bathrooms CONNECTED TO THE KITCHEN. Like I don’t want to be eating and listening to someone pissing in the room next door. And people were always commenting about how practical that is?! Like WTF?!” – Ok_Pressure_4462

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16. “Beach-themed decor + word art related to beach theme.” – chocoglooc


17. “I am seeing new bathrooms and kitchens with bright gold coloured faucets and cabinet hardware. REALLY gaudy and ugly.” – 1955photo


18. “When the living room is arranged in such a way that the only place you can put the TV is over the fireplace. I hate how that looks and I hate craning my neck to watch the TV.” – cr0wj4n3

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19. “Using baskets, purses, and hats as wall art decor. I get the boho vibe you’re going for, which is cool, but I hate seeing things that serve a functional purpose as wall decor that you don’t ever actually use. Like wow, that’s a cool hat! But God forbid if you try to put it on, it’s for decoration only! It looks lazy to me. I’m probably in the minority but it bothers me so much to the point of irrational anger LOL.” – Solid_Peach


20. “Floating stairs. Too many home automation systems.” – janearcade


21. “Super high-end kitchen with chef level appliances, and no one can even boil water.” – the_furt


What are your home trend peeves?