Advertisements are supposed to be convincing, and even over the top – that’s how brands make us believe that they’re the best option. Even when they clearly aren’t. But a lot of Indian colleges and institutes take these things too seriously – as if not considering them is the end of the world.

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This time, a college from Indore tried to do this with a little help from pop culture. Indore Institute of Law got a print ad where they’ve promised students that they can either become Harvey Specter from Suits or Jagdishwer Mishra from Jolly LLB 2, of course, no direct guarantee, but it does come down to choosing their college to become a better lawyer. Now, that’s manipulation, and desis do it best.

While the sheer confidence that this institute projects is actually commendable, but it’s also silly how Indian educational institutes ‘sell’ the idea of a better future. As if there are only two choices – joining them or failing at life.

Understandably, Twitter had its fun with the advertisement.

Indore Institute of Law – Harvey is here.