Kota is home to some major coaching institutes for IIT-JEE preparation. And, we’re quite familiar with the pressure and the rigorous routine that students follow in these institutions. If not, we got a glimpse of it in Kota Factory, the web-series that revolved around the same theme. 

While I was aware that these coaching centers expect students to follow extreme schedules, just how extreme is something that was news to me.


A reputed coaching institute had sent out a poster that shows what it’s like to ‘be on the right track’. 

The messaging shows ‘sacrifice, love for studies and respect for teachers’ as a path to admission in good colleges. The problematic part is, that it also shows ‘watching movies, having friends or having a birthday party’ as a path that leads students back to home. And yes, it is traumatizing. 

Not only is the messaging almost scary, but it’s toxic for students who are made to believe that they cannot make their own choices in life. 

And, Redditors are in disbelief. 

This looks like someone made it ironically, like itna bhi obvious nhi hona tha? Ya fir sachi me believe krte isme coaching wale? 😲 – Maleficent_You5991Well, at least they are honest with their propaganda on churning out wage slaves. – gobhi420This poster is making me feel depressed even though I graduated from school a long time ago. – alphrho
Didn’t realize that my life is on the wrong track. Thank you Allen, for pointing that out. – udhayam2KWait how is going to the Market a bad thing? – danker_manLove for studies? Lol, like you can love studying at a place where you’re literally judged for asking a question in class, and that too by teachers themselves. – The_Enlightened_One_

All of us have a different saturation, when it comes to dealing with pressure. But, being told that there’s only one ‘correct path’, and that’s where you should be, sounds a lot for anyone.