Prepping for competitive exams like IIT JEE or NEET isn’t a cakewalk – we have films and shows addressing that. There’s no denying that the institutes that prepare students for these exams are helpful for some, but for others they can also add on to the pressure. And when they’re portrayed as the ultimate need or goal, that’s where the competition becomes unhealthy.

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Redditor posted an advertisement from one of the institutes, which talks about enrolling for the classes as ‘the biggest gift of life’ for a child.

Internet is calling out the advertisement, and understandably so. The entire idea of these coaching centers, showing admission in these colleges as the ultimate achievement or ‘the best thing’ to happen to a child is not only flawed but also toxic.

People commented about the connotation of the word ‘gift’, when it comes to these institutes. 

More like take away your child’s biggest gift of life (childhood). – A-Delonix-RegiaYes it’s a gift. Gift of lifetime depression where he’ll judge himself throughout for failing. – Robinhood_Banna Little do people know Darksied actually came to earth so he could enroll in FIITJEE, that’s where you find the anti-life equation, after all. – gauravkr21
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Others mentioned that these institutes are only an added expense and not as helpful. Specifically when they only increase the already existing pressure on students. 

Ah it’s like my parents reasoning, we are making all these bad financial decisions just for you. – dark_mage_Please don’t go to any coaching. Save your money. Encourage your kids to study on their own. If they don’t like it let them choose the path they like. Getting into IITs/IIMs is hard but getting a decent grade in these institutes is harder. Invest the learning years in well rounded education, not just cramming up organic chemistry and integrals. Coaching is a royal waste of time, money and impedes self learning, discipline and grit. – Substantial_Ad_6558Instead, give the money to your child and help him invest it into equity market. – var-dump

While a lot of students aim at getting into their dream colleges, that doesn’t justify the unhealthy ‘race’ that it ends up becoming. It’s a choice to enroll oneself in coaching classes for the competitive exams, but it’s definitely not a gift for a child. In doing so, these institutes only mean that it’s the end of the world if a student doesn’t clear the exam – which it’s not. 

Life is too important for a competition to be a gift.