The coaching industry in India is rising at a rapid pace. From IIT JEE to NEET and other competitive exam preparation, students join private coaching institutes as early as class 5 or 6.

Yeah, you heard it right. There are coaching institutes that provide tuitions to kids starting class 5. The point to be noted here is that none of these exams happen until they reach class 11th and 12th.

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Recently, someone posted a coaching institute’s advertisement inviting students to join them and what all they can lose if they do not. It’s a long list that includes losing the chance to secure a seat in their dream IIT and failing to realise their full academic potential.


The ad and the entire concept of coaching students from such a young age and this particular advertisement is being called out on the internet.

Taking a dig at the ad, some people commented that even class 5 is too late, they should start earlier.

They should start from class 1 man. Class 5th is already too late. – GuerrillaFucker

To this, another person replied that the preparation should start at the time of conception itself.

Nah, IIT training starts from conception, if the kid is already born it’s too late. – Akashd98
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People are unable to understand the need of coaching for class 5-8 students.

Class 5? Never understood dude, maybe I can understand If you join in class 9 but why class 5?  Some of my best memories in school were Class 5-8 while a studious guy had enrolled in FIIT JEE in class 8th and the man got 40k rank in JEE just because he fucked up in the last 5-6 months. Leave the children alone let them have fun parents. – RequirementIcy3601

A few people also talked about their school days when joining a coaching institute was considered normal in 11th standard.

Its a never ending race.. when I was in school, most people joined in 11th class.. Once that was the baseline, most people started joining at 9th to gain an advantage, not people join in 5th6th. – CynicalCriticA

This one person stated how he is trying to convince his parents to not enroll his little sister.

My parents are considering to enroll my little sister into a coaching class for IIT… she’s only in 5th grade at the moment. I managed to convince them to at least wait till she’s in 9th grade. – SlayerOfKronos770
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Someone made a list of things a child would gain by not joining the institute.

What will you KEEP if you do not study at FIITJEE?
 – Dignity & Self respect 
 – Freedom of self paced learning and extracurricular grind
 – Dreams and ambitions
 – Financial crest 
 – Freedom from the pressure of expectations
 – A livable childhood
 – Ability to pursue hobbies
 – continue forth. – SS-1810
What you will not lose: your frickin’ money and your sanity. – manikraina

The coaching culture is altogether a different topic because here the marketing campaign is only flawed.

Who is the person that thought this was an acceptable media marketing campaign? – simian_ninja

With increased competition, coaching might be required but certainly not for classes 5 and 6. At this age, kids don’t even know what IIT JEE is. Let them live that phase of life as it should be.

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