Statistics can be a funny thing. Knowing the facts about random things can make you either scratch your head, roll your eyes or just leave you in utter shock. Here are a few statistics people shared that will make you gasp in amazement. 

1. That belly button bacteria study was wild. 60 belly buttons were sampled. 2368 different species of bacteria were found. The study indicated that 1458 of them may be new to science. One had a rare bacteria found in Japanese soil and they had never been to Japan. Two had rare bacteria that thrived on ice caps and thermal vents. Not a single bacteria was common to all buttons. – Adventurous_Light_85

2. The risk of a heart attack is about 20% greater on Mondays for adult men, and 15% greater for adult women. –ETphonehoooome


3. Of the 30 fastest 100 meter sprint times, 21 were run by athletes who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The other 9 were Usain Bolt. – Davecasa


4. In 2020, overdose with a synthetic opioid (primarily fentanyl) became the LEADING cause of death in all Americans ages 18 to 45. Motor vehicle accidents were the former leading cause for this age group. – nervemiester


5. 20% of the mammal species on our planet are different types of bats. – peon2

6. Since the mid-1970s, the world’s population has doubled. – Reyesdesd

7. 7% of all humans that ever existed are alive today. – arne

8. Dragonflies have a 95% hunt success rate. Making them the most effective hunters in the world. – JESquirrel

9. The average drunk driver drives under the influence more than 80 times before they get caught. – Barcelona10CG

10. WWII claimed the lives of 3% of the world’s population in 1939. – kristinawtopete

11. Sharks have existed for longer than the rings of Saturn (450 million years vs. Around 100 million) – Kriss0612

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