Disclaimer: If you are savouring your favourite beer, coffee, or tea right now, finish it first and then read this. Baad mein mat kehna cheeee kya padhwa diya. ‘Coz this will make you feel disgusted.

You must have heard stories about people drinking gomutra or cow urine and how it has some miraculous health benefits. However, duniya mein aise bhi log hain who prefer relishing their own pee. So, here’s what the story is:


A wellness practitioner from Colorado, who is famous as Brother Sage, drinks his urine every morning and his bizarre habit has caught our attention.

According to Daily Mail, the 68-year-old man passes the pee during the night and stores it as a morning beverage for himself. He believes it is a natural ‘cure-all’.

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The report suggested that Brother Sage has been following this habit for over two decades now. He is also using his urine for foot soak and eye bath, it added.

Wait, there’s more. Brother Sage also provides a course for urine. Whaaaaaat?

The website further reported that Brother Sage charges up to $345 for a course from students who wish to know the secrets of their urine and how it can be stored for consumption.

Here’s what he told the website about drinking his own pee:

I wake up in the morning and I’ll drink what I saved in the night. Most people will drink it first thing in the morning and people who are fasting or on detox will do “looping”, which means everything they collect will be drank throughout the day. The cleaner you can get your diet, the better it’ll look, taste and smell.

-Brother Sage

Kennedy News & Media

Talking about the criticism that Brother Sage receives for this habit, he said:

I do get the naysayers or the ones who are doubters but I’ve learned to be compassionate with people because they don’t know what this is yet.

-Brother Sage

Hollywood actress Sarah Miles also swears by it. Miles has been following this bizarre habit since three decades for health reasons. In an interview with Independent.ie, she had said, “Why does humanity have a problem with me drinking my own urine? I can’t wait to get off this planet!”

Not just Miles, late Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai, Japanese-Brazilian mixed martial artist Lyoto Machida, and late American author JD Salinger are also on the list of drinking their own pee.