While a lot goes into planning a wedding, it takes only one good reason to call it quits. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof. 

1. This bride called off her wedding because the groom could not read the newspaper without his glasses. 

The bride’s family was unaware of the groom’s weak eyesight and after watching him struggle, they gave him a test to read the newspaper without glasses, which he failed. So the bride and his family called off the wedding, the bride’s father Arjun Singh even said that, “I had no idea that the groom’s eyesight was so weak. My daughter, on knowing the fact, decided to call off the marriage.” The bride’s family then demanded that the money they spent on the wedding and dowry be returned, and even filed a police complaint against the groom’s family when they did not return the money. 

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2. This bride called off wedding after the groom abused her relatives during ‘Juta churai’.

A groom, Vivek Kumar and his baraat were sent back when he lost his cool and started abusing the bride’s side during the juta churai. When people tried to calm him down, he slapped a person and the wedding was called off by the bride. However, the groom, his father and two relatives were held captive by the bride’s family until the police arrived and they reached a conclusion. 

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3. A bride from UP called off her wedding after the groom turned up at the event chewing gutka.

Apparently, the groom was drunk too and the bride didn’t like it one bit. The groom’s family tried to convince the bride to get married but, she refused to do so. Eventually, both the families returned the gifts they received from each other. The incident took place on 10th June 2021. 


4. A bride from UP called it quits after the groom failed to recite the multiplication table of 2. 

On 8th May 2021, the bride asked the groom to recite the table of 2 as she was suspicious of his educational qualification. So, before exchanging the garlands she took a pop quiz to unravel the truth. She refused to marry the groom saying that she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t know basics of mathematics. 


5. A man from UP called off his wedding as his to-be bride “spent too much time on Whatsapp”.

On 11th September 2018, Qamar Haidar, the groom, never showed up at the bride’s house for the nikah. When a relative from the bride’s house went to the groom’s place to check what happened, the groom said he didn’t want to get married as the bride spends too much time on Whatsapp. 


6. This bride from UP called off her wedding after the groom tried to force her to dance on stage. 

The bride walked off from the wedding ceremony after the drunk groom and his guests tried to force her to dance on the stage before the exchange of vows. She felt insulted and called off the wedding. In fact, some baraatis were kept hostage by the bride’s family as they demanded the groom to return the dowry gifts. This incident took place on 7th June 2021.

7. This bride from Bihar called it quits after the groom arrived at the ceremony in a drunken state. 

Allegedly, Bablu Kumar, the groom, couldn’t stand properly and couldn’t even perform the rituals correctly. He was misbehaving and wasn’t aware of his surroundings and Rinki Kumari, the bride just couldn’t take it anymore so she called off the wedding. This incident took place on 11th March 2021. 


8. This bride from UP called off the marriage after the groom broke into a ‘nagin’ dance after the exchange of the garlands. 

The groom was also visibly drunk. The bride wasn’t pleased with his behaviour and she had had enough of him so she decided to call it quits. This incident took place on 11th November 2019.


9. A bride from Bihar called off her wedding after the groom seemed ‘scared’ following a lightning strike. 

Renu Kumari (name changed), the bride was shocked by the groom’s unusual behaviour so she called it quits. There were clashes between both the families and eventually the police had to intervene to settle the matter. Some members of the bride’s family were also sent to jail for attacking the groom’s side. This incident took place on 30th June 2018. 


10. This groom from UP called off the wedding as he wasn’t served non-veg food. 

In April 2017, Rizwan, the groom, called off the wedding with Nagma (the bride) as meat was not served in the function. He called it quits after he realised there was only vegetarian food on the menu. After the police and local panchayat intervened, the groom agreed to get married but, later the bride herself refused to marry the man. 


11. This woman from Bihar backed out from marriage at the last minute after seeing the groom in person. 

Allegedly, the bride was shown a photograph of a different man on Whatsapp. The groom’s family created a ruckus but, they eventually left after some locals intervened. This incident took place on 5th March 2021. 


12. A bride from Odisha called off the wedding after a fight broke out over mutton curry. 

Apparently, the groom’s side demanded more mutton curry and they started abusing Priyaranjan’s (the bride), family members over the food. Ultimately, the police had to intervene and the bride married someone else from the locality. This incident took place on 8th July 2019. 


It happens only in India!