The internet is like Hermione’s bag with the extension charm, there’s always something new that you haven’t seen before. And today, just like that, we found Kriti Sanon’s old advertisement with Aamir Khan. It’s from before she was famous, and feels like quite the trip down memory lane. 


If you still want to know just how old this ad is, it’s an endorsement of Samsung Hero Music. Yes, those button wale phones that Aamir promoted. Basically, when a lot of us weren’t even allowed to use phones, let alone buy one for ourselves. 


This ad with Aamir Khan sharing his good-old songs with Kriti via Bluetooth, has a sense of nostalgia. Or maybe, it’s just that spotting Kriti Sanon, now that she’s famous, feels like spotting a rishtedaar in those coaching pamphlets. 

And now it seems like people are reminiscing the Bluetooth era too.

You can watch the complete advertisement here:

On some days, the internet is fun.