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Most of us often casually joke about how we envy those friends who are an only child to their parents. However, if we’re being honest, then it’s practically impossible for us to imagine our own lives without our siblings. 

We grow up with them. Fight with them. But hey, they mean the world to us. Not just because they’re our second selves, but because they’re our best friends. Here are 5 reasons to prove it. 

1. We know each other better than anybody else

There’s nothing we could ever do that would shock them, because they have already seen us (and trained us in) pulling every single awful trick in life. No questions. No judgements. We can be our true selves in front of them. 

2. They’re the best roommates we could ever ask for

From fighting for the upper bunk bed, watching horror movies in the dark, to taking care of each other through the night when either of us is sick, could we have asked for a better roommate? Also, once they move out, we get the whole room to ourselves! *wink*

3. There’s no dearth of inside jokes 

Having spent so much time together, we were bound to come up with our own form of communication. Given the number of inside jokes we share, even a random a word is enough to crack us up across the room. If this means appearing bizarre to the world, then so be it.  

4. Their wardrobe is basically ours 

Who needs new clothes when they have siblings? As long as we’re discreet about putting them right back where we took them from, life’s all good. There are even bonus points, if we wash off the stains. 

5. They deliver love in the most unique ways 

When it comes to expressing love, we can never run out of ideas. Whether it’s being the ultimate partner-in-crime at practically everything we do, like sneaking out in the night for ice-cream, doing impromptu photoshoots for Instagram, or buying the most amazing gifts for each other during festivals. There’s no other bond quite like the one we share with our siblings. 

We may not be living with our siblings anymore, but we can always count on them to be there for us. No matter what life throws our way, they’ll just be a call away. We don’t get enough chance to show them how much they mean to us, which is all the more a reason for us to go all out on Raksha Bandhan. And this festive season, Amazon India wants us to #DeliverTheLove to our brothers and sisters with this heart-warming video. Check it out below.