Gone are the days when a well-written and detailed CV and resume could land you your dream job. Because these days, people are thinking out-of-the-box when it comes to gaining the attention of the recruiters.

Here are some over-the-top or creative ways people have applied for jobs.

1. This student used her graphic design skills and demonstrated her love for Lego to a potential employer and made the ultimate resume.

She was offered the role of an intern and then a full-time job in the advertising sector.

2. This guy created a motion video and posted it on LinkedIn to get the attention of the management at Cred.

He succeeded in securing an internship with Cred and also received several other job offers.

3. This woman used Christmas lights to spell out her resume outside her home.

The lights read:

My wish, HR job, Liz Hickok, LinkedIn.

She received a whole lot of attention. Recruiters and other people reached out to her on LinkedIn with possible job openings.

4. This guy made an interactive video resume with links to different sections and sent it to multiple recruiters.

He recieved multiple job offers and has worked in several social media and PR roles since then. 

5. This guy gave a candy bar to the company he was interviewing with. Instead of the health and nutrition facts, he had written his skills on the back.

He apparently got the job because of the creative candy bar resume.

6. This guy posted an eBay listing with his resume in the product description area, expected salary as the price, along with notes about how he planned to work for the company that hired him.


7. This guy showed his copywriting skills by writing a CV rap and creating a rap video.


8. This guy personally delivered donuts to the companies he admired with his resume attached in the box.


9. This woman purchased a massive billboard overlooking a busy highway in Connecticut to gain the attention of recruiters.

While she did not get a job through the billboard, she started her own print advertising company.

10. This woman turned her Pinterest account into an online CV because she wanted a job at Pinterest.

Each pin conveyed a particular skill set of hers like education, experience and achievements.

Are you up for making a creative resume?