Drinking is an entirely personal choice, and while a drink can help you unwind, there is scientific evidence that alcohol isn’t good for your body. But we live in a culture where social drinking is very much a thing, and often, people who don’t enjoy consuming alcohol feel a sense of exclusion when they decline drinking. But if drinking can be a personal choice, then why can’t refusing it be one too? Well, this Reddit thread where people have shared why they don’t drink alcohol might just help normalise the choice.

Take a look:

1. “Long family history of people dealing with and failing to control their alcohol addiction. So the best way to make sure this won’t happen to me, is to avoid it as much as possible.”


2. “I’m always scared of not feeling well and I don’t like the feeling of not being able to control my thoughts very clearly.”


3. “I’m such an anxious person that the thought of not being fully in control of myself and my thoughts is terrifying.”


4. “I don’t want to feel awful the next day and I don’t like how I feel when I drink because I lose control of my thoughts, etc. Plus I have bad memories from the idiotic stuff I did in my twenties. I will wake up the next day even if I had only three beers, feeling guilty for absolutely no reason.”


5. “Most alcoholic drinks taste terrible (to me) and the few that don’t are expensive and not worth it. I’ve been drunk a couple of times and hated the sensation. I’ve seen some of my friends get drunk, and they usually become idiots I wouldn’t want to be friends with. So I guess I just don’t get the appeal.”

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6. “Simply not interested. I’m already mentally and physically disoriented 24/7, don’t want to experience it even more.”


7. “I don’t like anything about it. Tastes awful, hate the feeling of being buzzed/drunk, despise hangovers.”


8. “As someone who grew up in a household that never drank, the smell and taste of any kind of alcohol is so repelling to me.”


9. “Wastes money. Causes headaches and beer belly. Makes people unsafe drivers. I’ve seen how it ruined my boyfriend’s life before he died.”


10. “Grew up a nerd so didn’t touch the stuff when I was young. When I was old enough to drink, I was old enough to see how many alcoholics were in my family. Finally, every doctor I’ve ever told ‘I don’t drink’ has replied ‘Good.'”


11. “Hangovers aren’t worth it at all. And my nerves get really sensitive whenever I drink.”


12. “I can get depressed enough without drinking alcohol- no need to exacerbate matters.”


These sound like pretty good reasons, TBH.

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