We do not live in subtle times, which means, gone are the days when there were only some socially-acceptable professions that existed. Now we live in a world where naming babies, watching porn or testing water slides are jobs that pay. And just like that, there are professional cuddlers who provide cuddling as a service. 

Of course, these are professions that are still not ‘conventional’ like that, but they exist. And before you form a judgement, cuddling is actually considered therapeutic, and hence this makes more sense than we’d imagine.

Daily Mail

Trevor Hooton is a professional cuddler and hugger who charges as much as £75 or Rs 7,100, for an hour’s service. They also go by the name ‘Treasure’ and offer ‘connections coaching’ for people who find it difficult to form relationships. According to Trevor, a lot of people do not understand the profession, and even mistake it for sex-work.

“I built a business based on my passions for building human connections. Many people struggle to make those and that’s where I step in — it’s more than just cuddling, it’s giving people the things they need, whatever that might be.”

-Trevor Hooton

As much as it is a lot of new information, the basic idea behind cuddling as a therapeutic device is that people de-stress and unwind. And this can be done with the help of a cuddlist. As a part of the job, they offer clients non-sexual spooning, arm tickling and deep embraces. NGL, the world does need this.

“With cuddle therapists, you’re hiring their time, attention and care. It’s more than just hugging a stranger.”

-Trevor Hooton

The Independent

Who knew. But hey, cuddles aren’t bad, right?