Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, and brothers and sisters across India will reunite to celebrate their love and care for each other. Sisters would tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist, and the latter would gift them money and chocolates. It’s pretty much the same every year, right? 

If you’re a brother who beats up his head over Rakhi gifts everytime, only to resort to chocolates, please stop it. Here’s what you can really gift your sister instead of loading her with sweets that she may not even eat.

1. Sponsor her next vacation

I mean, she would REALLY appreciate that. What better way to spend money on Rakhi than sponsoring your sister’s wanderlust? Let her know that you’re not an overprotective uncle but her loving brother who’s thrilled about her exploring the world. She may even send you aesthetic pictures later on and make you envious about the time of her life.

2. Get a star registered in her name

Cuz she’s a star. A super-star for real!

3. Dyson Hair products

If you’re loaded, loosen your purse strings here. My brothers: if you’re reading this, I’d happily accept and appreciate Dyson products. Thank you in advance!

4. An exercise ball

Not only are exercise balls great fun, but they’re highly beneficial for spinal health and core strength. It only makes sense to gift your sister something that is fun as well as beneficial for her health. 


5. Skin Care products, especial the ones she already use

If your sister has a fixed set of skin care products, it probably means she’s found her ideal match. Personalize Rakhi gift by giving your sweet sis something she really uses instead of the usual boring chocolates. 

PS – Chocolates are overrated.

6. Certificate acknowledging that she’s the best in the world.

Acknowledge her supremacy. That’s all!


7. Coffee blender

Yes. Gift your coffeeholic sister a coffee blender and protect her from all those expensive visits to coffee houses. It should count as the promise of protection on Raksha Bandhan.

8. Polaroid Camera

And let this Raksha Bandhan memory after receiving this awesome gift become your sister’s first click from the Polaroid.

9. Gift cards, especially from her favourite brands

For a shopaholic sister, there is nothing better than receiving gift cards. It’ll save you the trouble of finding the ‘right’ stuff, and your sister will be more than happy to fetch free stuff for herself.

10. And for toxic overprotective brothers: Literally, just the freedom to be

If you’re too overprotective about your sister, you’re nothing but a toxic hypocrite of society who’s becoming a hurdle in her life. Everybody, including your sister, has a claim over happiness and the right to lead a life just the way she wants. Don’t project your idea of life and gendered prejudices over your sister.  

In other words, if you come home late every night, you don’t get to stop your sister from partying on weekends. So, if anything, offer your sister your relentless support and freedom from societal reservations. Become a relief and not baggage for your sister and that will be the best Raksha Bandhan gift ever.


Gift something that’ll truly make your sister happy, not the same-old, highly predictable stuff. For all you may know, she’s probably bored of chocolates now (because of you).  

So, what are you really giving her this Rakhi? And please don’t say chocolates.