Our Friday just turned better. You ask why. So, if you love animals, this heartfelt incident will definitely make your day too.

This video of a man saving a stray dog from a railway track in Mumbai caught our attention on Twitter this morning and we felt you should look at it as well.

The clip posted by a Twitter user, @priteshshah_, shows a man walking on the railway track as a train slowly approaches towards him at the platform. While the train stops, the man lifts up the dog and keeps it on the platform. Someone from the crowd gives the man his hand to pick him up. Then the train goes away.

“Spirit of Mumbai,” the tweet reads. Watch the video here:

Netizens are hailing the move of saving the life of that stray dog. Many of them are praising both the man and loco pilot. Some Twitterati have been sharing their love for Mumbai. Check out their reactions:

Sometimes i see ticketless passengers are thrashing TTE for doing his job, then sometimes i see such kind men. It restores my faith in humanity. Worst and the best coexist, and you know who comes out shining (sic).


Humanity exists! Salute to the gentlemen, both the guy who came down to rescue the doggo and the loco pilot (sic)!


It has truly restored our faith in humanity. This man understands the value of a life. Without caring for his own life, he chose to save the animal. What a brave act by the man, we say. How many of us do that? Have you ever saved a life?