Tell me you are a desi without telling me you are a desi. I have something in mind. Put your shoes on fan inside the train ‘coz there is no space left on your berth and niche chhod diye to chori hone ke chances zyaada hain! Every Indian has tried it during long journeys in sleeper coaches. (If not, do not call yourself a desi, please!)

However, this train passenger seems amazed with a shoe being kept on fan and has taken it to Twitter.

The Twitter user, @flybalafly, shared the photo of his co-passenger’s shoe resting on the top of fan and wrote, “The guy next to me put his shoes on top of this fan?”

Twitter janta is like: What’s the big deal about it? This is a common sight in sleeper coaches of the Indian Railways.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to it:

There is nothing abnormal to keep our chappals and shoes on the top of the fan while travelling in sleeper coaches. Unless you are someone who wear shoes in your hands so that the pair doesn’t get stolen. Kaunse planet se ho, bro? This definitely looks like it was your first time in sleeper coaches or may be in a desi train.