Humans can be weird and wild. And that includes their sexual fetishes and fantasies, too. 

In fact, just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you’ve discovered that there are humans on this planet – who communicate through Reddit – that actually, really want to have sex. With… bees. Yes, I can’t believe it’s one whole sentence, but it is. 

In a recent article, Vice talked about the Subreddit where people talked about having sex with bees. 


A boy name Marvel, a software engineer from Phoenix, Arizona, admitted to watching videos of bees on the National Geographic channel and experiencing a feeling similar to an orgasm. 

Furthermore, after seven years of searching, he found something called r/honeyfuckers,A subreddit with more than 34,000 members who share their erotic buzzy fetish through anime and other art forms. 

The fresh toast

Linz is the subreddit moderator who started the group in 2018. It was inspired by a Honeybee Inn, a fictional brothel in the video game series. 

When the community started, people talked about their fetish to fornicate bees in different ways. Linz further added: 

Some are attracted to anthropomorphic bees, or people dressed up as bees. Some are attracted to the idea of becoming bee-sized and enjoying their fantasy that way. Some are more drawn to the archetypal ‘furry’ style of bees, while others just like cute anime bees. But some people literally want to fuck actual bees, shove them up their butts, pussies or cocks.

But, what is this fetish called? Melissophilia is the desire to have sex with bees, which simply means sexual attraction to bees. A kind of sexual attraction towards an animal.

This Reddit group has inspired many to open up about their fetish and talk about it. Jacob found the group after battling years of bullying for drawing bee comics in school.

Like many other fetish Melissaphilia also has wider exposure in recent years through popular culture and erotic media.

People have also talked about it on Twitter. 

In July 2021, a subgroup of 13 members on r/honeyfuckers raised $4,000 for an environmental education nonprofit.

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