We aren’t oblivious to the fact that human beings are strange species. And India, being a country that carries the weight of maximum people in the world, calls for some supreme level of absurdity. 

Yet, we unabashedly discuss what makes us different and do we ever mind being one-of-a-kind? Hell, never! Just like this Quora Thread discussing the things that are normal in India but strange everywhere else.

1. “Drinking water without lips touching the bottle.”


2. “Interfering and nosy neighbours.”

Youth Ki Awaaz

3. “Making Friends – You are sitting on a bus and there is a person next to you. There is a high chance that you people will become good friends in a short while.”

Travel Triangle

4. “Religious Processions Rallies and processions are an everyday occurrence in our nation. But someone who visits India for the first time may not find it so normal.”


5. “Ear Cleaner: The sight of one man cleaning up another man’s ear (as a means of livelihood) may not be so unusual for us, but for someone who sees it for the first time, it may be shocking and weird to some level.”


6. “Entangled Wires: The cables and electricity wires in India are rarely seen in an organized and untangled way. For newbies, this might come as a shocking view.”


7. “Indian people are very desperate about getting a seat in any bus or train. People generally book/reserve a seat by putting their hand kerchief on that seat.”


8. “Asking a complete stranger – Are you married?”

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9. “Hanging this in front of your shops to ward off evil spirits.”


10. “Roadside Dentist: Who says you need a good degree from a good college or university to become a qualified dentist? This one seems to be doing fine without one and that too despite the lack of a dental clinic.”


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