Agar subah 7 baje, bun-maska kha kar jaldi mein Churchgate local pakadte ho, toh Mumbaikar ho tum. 

You might not agree that my verse is as good as Farhaan Akhtar’s but you’d definitely agree to the fact that the fast-paced world, which screams inconvenience, is apparently the life of every Mumbaikar. 

The city that never sleeps is ironically also the city of dreams, so you might love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it. And if you’ve been to Mumbai then you’d have noticed the things that are common here but if you practise it elsewhere, you’ll be inviting strange looks at yourself. 

People on this Quora thread are revealing the things that are way too common in Mumbai but alien everywhere else. 

1. “Travelling 100 kms every day for office by local trains.”

2. “You can easily spot celebrities in cafes and gardens. If you know the right places then you can sometimes see the bigger ones. They are also happy to meet you and allow you to take selfies/autographs if you ask nicely.”


3. “Getting decent 1bhk in south Bombay even in a budget of Rs 60–70k per month is a challenge.”


4. “Slums having Air Conditioners installed.”

Bored Panda

5. “In the southern part of city i.e. South Mumbai, only taxis are allowed and autos are not allowed.”


6. “Trying to board the train by chasing it even when it’s gonna halt in a few seconds.” 
– Nipun Sahai Bhatnagar  

The Guardian

7. “You have many variations. From South Indian Dosa to North Indian Chole Bhature and everything in between. Pav Bhaji and Momos are out of the world.”

Tarla Dalal

8. “Exorbitant House Rent: In the downtown, you’ve two complete strangers living together in one room to share the rent burden. I pay INR.6000 for a single room and some common areas too in Navi Mumbai (Vashi) that is like Brooklyn to NYC.”

The Indian Express

9. “Mumbai doesn’t have a winter season so I’ve seen children in pullovers in the monsoon season.”

The Indian Express

10. “You’ll be welcomed with the distinct fishy smell of Mumbai when you come here for the first time. With time, you’ll get accustomed and almost forget about it until some newbie will ask you about it.”

GQ India

11. “I haven’t seen so much consumption of carrot juice (with beetroot and mint or lemon for flavour) in any other city. And believe me, it’s so rejuvenating.”


12. “Making weird (kissing & hissing) sounds for asking people to move aside.”
– Navya Sahai Bhatnagar

The Indian Express

13. ” Words like merko, apun, bantai, bachi, bamai are a part of our everyday vocab. We have peculiar names for vegetables too- kaanda (onions), batata (potatoes). 
– Anjali Awasthi 


14. “Pav(buns) in everything and cutting chai(tea) are necessities to survive in Mumbai. Both are legendary.”

Wikimedia Commons

15. “It’s normal when you carry your bag like this:”

Yeh hai Mumbai, meri jaan.