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The devil couldn’t be everywhere so he gave us siblings instead. It’s true. Our siblings are the sole reason why it’s a bad idea to put a light switch outside the bathroom door, why we had to hide our favourite snacks in the shoe cabinet, or even know how to pull off an Oscar-winning performance with impromptu tears. 

But here’s the thing, we still love them the most. We may fight all the time, but we can also fight the whole world to protect them. And it’s during the festive season when we miss their annoying presence around us the most. To bring us some warmth and to celebrate this unique bond of love and friendship this Raksha Bandhan, Amazon has come out with the perfect video. And they’re reminding us to #DeliverTheLove to our siblings amid the celebrations.

We say perfect, because the video beautifully captures the spirit of a sibling relationship and how sometimes all the words in the world can also fail to describe how much we dote on them. There’s no way one can watch this video without tearing up and wanting to hug their own brothers and sisters who may or may not be in the same city. They’re after all the biggest gifts in our lives that do not comes in boxes. This is the message that Amazon is giving out this Raksha Bandhan with their heart-warming video. Watch it here. 

Growing up with a sibling is like being with someone who is both an accomplice and a rival. And for such a special person in our lives, this Raksha Bandhan #DeliverTheLove.