“Old is gold.” Well, it’s true when you get to catch a glimpse of things from your old days. Bumping into that outfit from childhood or seeing stuff your grandparents owned is just fascinating to look at. 

Someone on Twitter reminded us of those good old days and shared a clip of a 1956 frigidaire refrigerator. Trust me- the features of the refrigerator are so systematic and perfect that I feel scammed by the fridge I own today.   

This well-organized refrigerator is for everyone who struggles to keep their fridge clean and organized. It also has  places to store butter and leftovers. Indeed, it looks so easy-peasy.  

The best part? This fridge also has a window to hydrate your fruits and vegetables and it’s detachable too!

The clip was shared by Twitter user Figen and has gone viral with more than 1 million views and 34k likes. Have a look, and you will be amazed too. 

People on Twitter are flabbergasted like me and want this refrigerator to come back! Some also pointed out how we are moving backward in advancements. Here’s what they have to say:

Of course, there were probably other problems with this old fridge, including power consumption, leakage or cooling, etc. But it still looks so systematic.

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