Kind landlords are hard to find. Someone who has lived in a rented apartment as a paying guest can totally vouch for it. I am talking about those modest landlords who aren’t always into asking you to pay for their rent whenever you meet them. But they either invite you to dinner or make sweet gestures for you out of humility. A simple kind gesture such as avoiding ‘no non-veg allowed’ or ‘no boys allowed’ rules works like a charm. When you find those landlords, consider yourself a lucky tenant.

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We have picked eight times when kind landlords won our hearts:

Let’s delve into the list.

1. The landlord who brought cold coffee to the tenant

A Twitter user @SrishtiMittal22 recently shared an appreciation post about her landlord on Twitter after he brought cold coffee for the tenant.

Source: Srishti Mittal

Calling him the ‘sweetest man’, Srishti wrote, “Whenever he visits us (me and my rommie), he never forgets to bring something for us. Juice, shakes, cold drinks, and this time, he brought cold coffee for us.”

2. The landlord who invested in tenant’s matrimonial startup

Earlier in June, Betterhalf.AI co founder and CEO Pawan Gupta (@pguptasloan) received an investment from his landlord for the matrimonial startup.

Pawan Gupta. Source: HT Tech

The landlord had apparently invested $10K in it.

3. The landlord who would offer meals to the tenant

A Twitter user Himanshu Pareek, @Sports_Himanshu, who once rented a Gurgaon flat alone, appreciated how his kind landlord used to offer him meals.

Source: Himanshu Pareek

“Invited for tea a lot and on every little ocassion or festival. Packed food whenever I travelled. Did not ask for rent even if months went without it,” his tweet reads.

4. The landlord who didn’t increase a tenant’s rent for eight years

Another tenant named Albert Arul Prakash, @AAPEyes, gave a shout-out to his landlord on Twitter for not increasing the rent for eight years.

Source: Tenor

“…On 9th year, he was asking, can I increase 10% only?” They were very sweet…” he wrote.

5. The landlord who cared about her tenant’s safety

A Twitter user Jade Starlight, (@LeLumineuxx) acknowledged how the landlady informed about their old house being burnt down in fire.

Source: Gifer

The caring landlady also texted to check whether her tenant was safe or not.

6. The landlord who allowed his tenant to stay rent free for 5 months amid COVID-19

In 2020, a landlord named Paul Bradshaw (@bradshaaaw) made his tenant stay without paying rent for five months amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Gfycat

“I knocked on my tenant’s door and told him he can stay in the property rent free for 5 months. He is self employed with 4 kids…” he tweeted back then.

7. The landlord who sold his house and shared the profit with his past tenant

In 2021, a Facebook user named Chris Robarge put out an appreciation post for his former landlord, who sent him a $2500 cheque and letter.

Source: Chris Robarge
Source: Chris Robarge
Source: Chris Robarge

As per the post, the landlord had apparently sold his house and shared the profit with his old tenant, who helped him pay off the mortgage along with others.

8. The landlord who helped a tenant with ‘basic needs’

A tenant having a Twitter username Dil ki Baat (@KhannaRoli) recalled how her landlord’s wife would sent sweets for her. The landlord helped her out with cooking gas, curtain rods, and more.

Source: Giphy

“…Just like a father would do,” an excerpt from her tweet reads.

Needless to say, kind landlords are rare. Also, a little bit of humility from both sides doesn’t hurt anyone. Be kind.