We often cross the line that separates funny from insensitive, and it doesn’t help when we justify such actions. It’s almost annoying to see people mock someone else just because they do not come from the same privileges as they do. Nothing about it is funny, it’s just deeply ignorant.

Anil Chopra, a Retired Air Marshal, posted a picture of a staff member serving food at an event. It shows him sporting a blazer from the Indian Military Academy, which still has the badge and buttons intact. The Twitter user also captioned it, joking about how people should remove their badges and buttons before giving away uniforms. While a sense of respect for one’s uniform is understandable, the way he portrayed his point isn’t fine.

Source: Twitter

The Retired Air Marshal posted a picture, almost mocking the guy for wearing a blazer that belongs to someone else. He also posted the picture without the server’s consent, which clearly shows how we lack chivalry when we ‘think’ we’re superior. This entire scenario is not only insensitive but lacks the acknowledgement of a misstep, which makes it worse.

Twitter is calling him out for posting the picture.


Even if the staff member was wearing a uniform to cover up, it doesn’t really mean disrespect in any way. Nothing justifies the act.