It’s probably fair to say that BTS is the K-pop band that’s taken the world by storm. Despite having started a decade ago, the band continues to enjoy massive success and popularity across the globe. The Korean boy band has truly had a meteoric rise and pierced into the western music industry. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, the septet’s members, have gained worldwide stardom in a short time.

In fact, the band’s fan group, ARMY, claims that the band paved the path for many Korean artists and worked to shape the Hallyu wave. However, the BTS phenomenon that has swept the globe has sparked questions about the K-pop group’s rising fame. 

As a member of the fandom myself, I can assure you that this discussion may go on endlessly, however here are some fellow fans on Quora who have shared some of the reasons for their appeal.

1. “Their lyrics are really empowering and I relate to it so much because it started off with them talking about social-political stuff like Asian society’s ruthless focus on education and then breaking the cookie-cutter mold to find success by embarking on other unconventional routes. Then they talked about following your dreams, growing pains (Wings), working very hard while others play and party, moving heaven and hell, keep pushing through, even running through fire if you have to, in order to achieve your goals.”

Melissa Lim 

2. “Hard work and the fact that they’re funny, creative, and kind. Their music is good, but it’s the fact that their personalities are so awesome and funny that it pulls people in.” 💓💓


3. “The more you get to know them, the more you’ll realise they are just like you and me. They are humans, individuals really, with a burning dream that brought them together. For Armys, BTS is living proof really that anything is possible if you work hard if you don’t give up on your dreams. For most, BTS represents that no matter how bad life throws at you, no matter how much it sucks, how people belittle you, as long as you believe in yourself, and there are others out there that believe in you, someday you will fly, someday your dreams come true.”  

 Dionne Estrada

4. “They don’t act like celebrities, and because of that, they come off as genuine.”

 Zso Zsi

5. “One thing that sets BTS apart from other K-pop acts in general – it’s that they started out small and with a western approach to music. Unlike others, they were unshackled by preconceived notions or expectations that come with the “idol” tag because, with BigHit, they started out humble. From the very beginning, they were fortunate enough to have carte blanche to exercise their creative abilities at their own pace and style – a privilege they’d never have, had they debuted under a bigger company like SM or YG.”

Bhabna Kashyap

6. “One of the main reasons is that they believe in themselves and don’t give up. Continuously giving 100% in their performances irrespective of getting so much criticism and hate, they won’t stop and yes, they truly deserve to be at the top. I have so much respect for their hard work and dedication toward achieving their dream. It really motivates me every time I feel low, that when you don’t give up, the world’s success will be in front of you.”


7. “Some of the BTS members represent gender fluidity at a time when all generations need to step up to the concept of acceptance and love. The world is in a state of anger and confusion in many areas of life and national politics. BTS shows us courage and love here.”

Cathleen Avila

8. “They speak of their hardships, roadblocks, adversity, hatred, and insecurities to show that they are human and that hard work and determination will pave the road to success.”

Mingyun Bang 

9. “Some of the reasons behind BTS’ success may be due to its authenticity, chemistry, and teamwork. It can also be the subject of their songs. Many K-pop songs are either based on love or relationships, but BTS songs are about loving ourselves, reality, and mental health, which brings us comfort and a smile on our faces. Each of the group members has different personalities and roles that are distinct and compatible. K-pop has been growing in popularity, and they’re making music that people want to listen to.”


10. “BTS is extremely versatile compared to many other K-pop groups around them. If you look at their albums over the years, you will notice over 100 things being talked about. It is not only in the music department; they even encompass many dance genres as well. From Hip Hop to contemporary, to freestyle you name it.”

Apple Frost 

11. “BTS genuinely cares about their fans. For Korean fans, this means almost constant appearances at concerts and fan meets, where the seven boys get to meet and talk with their fans one by one. They are constantly engaged, taking time to talk with each ARMY and learn about them. A quick YouTube search of BTS with fans shows multiple different interactions.”

Tamanna Pawar 

12. “This establishes a different kind of bond between BTS and the Army that extends beyond that of an artist and their fans. The ability to identify so closely with their struggles creates a sense of familiarity that enables the Army to see them not as idols, but as peers. BTS have laid their hardships bare on several occasions, both through their music and in conversation.”


13. “They also have an extremely unique relationship with their fans. Most artists don’t express as much love for their fans as BTS does. They say that ARMY is their happiness and they want to make us happy in return. They want us to love ourselves the way that we love them. BTS and ARMY have a symbiotic relationship.”

Kiwi Biwi  

BTS stands out from other music artists due to their brilliant music, exceptional lyrics, fan service, human connection, and much more. And they continue to rule the ARMY’s hearts.