The internet is a treasure of stories that we wouldn’t find otherwise, if not for this medium. And in a way, THIS makes up for some of the gloomy stuff that we do come across. And just like that, today we found something wholesome on Twitter, that is too sweet for the internet.

A Twitter user, @pettyparthy, shared an account related to the passing away of his grandparents. He shared that he lost his daadi (grandmother) and naanu (grandfather) within as little time as nine months. So, to remember them by, he tattooed minimal symbols that represent them. For his grandmother, he got a cup of tea (chaha), and for his grandfather he inked a tiger caricature sporting a vest and checkered lungis.

He also pointed out that his ajoba is a Tiger cheekily hiding imlis. These tattoos are a representation of who they are, and what they mean to him. It’s his way to remember them. And this how grief works, we grow around it in our own ways, in our own time.

The internet sure loves this gesture.

Probably the sweetest thing you’ll see today.