Many of us have dealt with bullying at school, some of it was harmless, other times, not so much. And I think it’s safe to say that we’ve wondered what our former-bullies are upto at least once after school finished. Which is why this Reddit thread where people have shared what happened to the bully from school-time is so relatable; you might find something for yourself in here too!

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Here, take a look:

1. “Went to college, got into drugs, lost his scholarship and got kicked out. Last I saw, he’s working in construction and is making duck faces on his profile pic on Facebook.”


2. “She did an insane amount of growing up during college, including having to uproot her whole life to take care for her family after her mom died suddenly. She reached out to me and others I know personally and directly addressed the bullying. We went out to lunch (which she bought) and was incredibly honest. She apologized and acknowledging what she did and why it was wrong. She’s now running a successful animal rescue organisation with her long-term boyfriend and I wish her nothing but happiness.”


3. “The boy bully married the girl bully, they had a kid then divorced. Shocking. “


4. “In jail for strangling his girlfriend. Thankfully she survived.”


5. “I heard that the kid who used to beat me up every day in third grade crashed a motorcycle and lost both his testicles. So he’s got that going for him, which is not nice.”


6. “He now owns his father’s huge, massively lucrative construction company. Which is exactly what he said he was going to do and also let us know how much richer he was going to be than us. So yeah it sucks because it really happened.”


7. “Mine became a professional football player in the NFL. I get to watch him on TV now. Fuck.”


8. “For whatever fucking reason, he asked me out a few years after graduation. He bullied me.


9. “He’s now some sort of spiritual guru.”


10. “He became the CEO of the company he started in after college. He is the chairman of the local football team and runs a beach cleanup crew every month. Always has a smile on his face, and has clearly just kept on growing up.”


11. “He’s selling mobility scooters and supporting his stepchildren. He was abused at home, and I was an easy target. Back then I fantasised about murdering him, now I understand that he was crying out for help. I’m never going to be best friends with him, but I’d shake his hand and wish him well any day.”


12. “(He became a) local politician.


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