Life is indeed a box of chocolates, where some days are amazing and others, well, are not so amazing. It’d have been great though, if we had a manual to sort the not-so-good days. Since, we don’t get one, most of us resort to methods and things to make it through.

And, some women on Reddit shared the things that bring them comfort:

1. “Hiking in the forest. Nothing is more relaxing to me.”

2. “My dog and sleep.”

– MyuFoxy

3. “Warm and cozy nights in a blanket and watching movies.”

4. “The thought that every person on this planet will die at some point, so there’s no right way to live and experience this life. As long as I learn from my mistakes, and make the effort to make my life better, all is going to be okay. Oh, and calming music and a good book.”

5. “Journaling helps me explore my emotions.”

6. “Anime. I’m 27 and I have always loved watching anime. It makes me feel good and gives me life lessons. I just love them!”

– Teanart

7. “Sleep, travel, and some alone time.”

8. “Self talk using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.”

9. “Rain. I don’t know, rain has always been therapeutic for me.”

10. “My cat curled up asleep on me.”

11. “Newly washed blanket! Tell me I’m not alone.”

12. “Coffee. I enjoy my morning walks to get coffee.”

13. “Cuddles from my dog. I don’t care how miserable the day, once he nuzzles into me when he can tell that I’m upset or stressed, just makes my day.”

14. “Watching Lord Of The Rings. Whenever I have a rough day, or if I just need a little pick-me-up, it always works.”

15. “Funk music!”

16. “Hot chocolate.
– dan-kir

17. “Good food and a nap.”

18. “Bubble bath with scented candles.”

19. “A hot shower. I reset in the shower.”

20. “Studio Ghibli movies.”

It’d be much better if some days were just optional.