It isn’t news that we’ve been experiencing harsher summers in India than before – the unbearable rise in temperature this year, is proof of it. The world has witnessed a sudden surge in heatwaves, which have even led to deaths. Now, a World Bank report stated that India will experience extreme heatwaves, that will break the human survivability limit. 

Source: BBC

The report titled “Climate Investment Opportunities in India’s Cooling Sector” discussed how India has been facing higher temperatures that arrive earlier and stay for a longer time. The impact of these heatwaves will be witnessed in different sectors like food and public health, among others. These intense situations are a result of ignorance and casual living, almost bringing the world to a breaking point.

World Bank
Source: The Hindu

The report also warned about the impact of heatwaves on the economy of the country – given that we mostly rely on labor, who work in harsh, even threatening conditions. Certainly, we’ve ignored too many wake-up calls, but it’s high time that we switch to more diligent methods of living.

“Up to 75% of India’s workforce, or 380 million people, depend on heat-exposed labor, at times working in potentially life-threatening temperatures. By 2030, India may account for 34 million of the projected 80 million global job losses from heat stress associated productivity decline”

The World Bank report

The report will be released during the India Climate and Development Partners’ Meet, organized by the World Bank in partnership with the Kerala government.