It makes my blood curdle to learn that physical and psychological abuse of children in the name of ‘inducing good behaviour’ is extremely common in educational institutions. It’s past time for teachers to urgently understand that corporal punishments are neither advisable nor necessary.  

Some Redditors are detailing the pathetic actions of the teachers they were bullied by, and it’s disgusting.

1. “I was called a blacky, tar can, negro in front of whole class and he even encouraged my friends to stick with the names he used for me.”

– qtyapa

2. “My hair was cut in the morning assembly front of 5000 students on the last day of school.”

3. “One particular incident, that shocks me now, but I completely moved on from in childhood is when she asked me and probably some other boys (don’t remember) to strip our clothes (in the library it was I think). Of course we didn’t go through with it, I was at the point of tears.”

4. “This prof walks in for computer programming class. I had never programmed in high school before. The first words from this guy’s mouth was – I come from a pretty rough area and can use terrible cuss words. So you bunch of high-school pass outs better don’t piss me off.”

5. “This one time I was slapped in front of the whole class in grade 5 cuz my Hindi notebook was incomplete. Another time in grade 6, a teacher beat the shit out of me because the class was noisy even when I was quiet cuz she had to make an example out of someone.”

6. “Oh our Math teacher just shook hands…till the bones gnashed together painfully. His menacing smile made it worse. Fucker actually enjoyed it!”

7. “When I was in class 2 my teacher threw a duster at me and I started bleeding profusely from my head. I was taken to the school dispensary and then the hospital.”

8. “2nd grade Hindi teacher slapped me because I rubbed ‘my’ hindi notebook too hard with an eraser and wrinkled the page a bit. yup.”

9. “My Physics teacher in Class 12 threw a hard bound text book at me and cut my head, drawing blood, and said that I’d fail my Physics board exams.

Today I’m doing a PhD in Physics in one of the best universities in the world.”

10. “Our science teacher (when I was in 9th standard) slapped one of my friend and his nose started bleeding. So bad he didn’t reported it to anyone.”

– xEpic

11. “My English teacher in 6th grade was a sadistic little fuck. He’d put a pen between the fingers of students and squeeze tightly who didn’t do their homework or couldn’t answer a question.”

12. “Punishing / irritating students by poking their butts and/or grabbing their balls.”

13. “Tried to remove her clothes for not bringing a textbook to school. Whole class was crying and terrified. Needless to say she was fired soon after.”

– Anonymous 

14. “A teacher in my school… Used to beat the students with a stick (or actually, a long wooden ruler) on their knuckles.”

– Anonymous 

15. “Once a lady teacher beat me and it hurt, little blood came then she gave me chocolate so that I don’t complain to parents.”

– rkchni84