Love is in the air and yes, we already know it. It’s that time of the year where everything around us starts to get super tacky and mushy, and it’s honestly unbearable. What would you not do to disappear on Valentine’s Day, right?

Don’t worry, 5 Star got your back. The brand has come up with a super cool idea for the people who want to escape the mush and horror of V-day. It’s called “My Cousin’s wedding island”. It’s so bizarre, you’re gonna love it! If people won’t stop asking you about your plans, you can just tell them that you’re going to your “cousin’s wedding” and take a trip to this love-less island and do nothing!

If you’re interested, here are 5 surprising elements that you’re gonna find on 5 Star’s ‘My Cousin’s wedding’ island!

1. A physical embassy.

If you’re also a victim of Valentine’s Day, feel free to walk in and apply for a visa. It’s just like any other embassy. The building stands strong and elegant and gives people the opportunity to be a part of the wedding. The building also has a majestic island flag that has 5 Star’s symbol on it. Keeps getting more and more fun, doesn’t it? 

2. A quirky visa counter.

Here, you can fill up the visa form and submit it to the immigration officer. On approval, the embassy will get back to you. There are a bunch of questions that you have to answer like, are you convinced that you’re better off spending February 14th doing nothing at all. Do you sometimes hum cheesy romantic songs when no one is watching? Be careful while you answer these questions because you might just get expelled from the procedure if you slip up.

3. Mush detector.

Basically a metal detector, except it detects…mush. You will find this at the entrance of the embassy, where a security guard will be wearing a security jacket with “Mush detector” written on it. His job is to protect the embassy from any substances banned on the island. If he sees someone wearing red, he gives them a shawl to cover up. The other things that are prohibited on the island are cutesy tattoos, couple pendants, and mushy songs on your phone. Well, that’s some security there.

4. VR headsets.

You will find this in the main area where there will be a series of chairs and a box labeled “Transit Visa “, with small 5 Star Bites. There will also be trays of sand laid in front of the chairs that will allow people to comfortably put their feet in it and pretend like they’re on an island via the VR headsets. 

5. Bonfire made of V-day cards. 

The island experience video is the most fun part. Your heart will find the purest joy in seeing the beach, the forest, and especially a bonfire made of V-day cards! 

So if you want to get away from the hubbub of the day too, fill in the form now! However, if you can’t reach the embassy, you can just grab a 5 Star and scan the QR code on the pack to earn a ticket to the island. So if someone asks you about your V-day plans, just tell them you’re going to “My Cousin’s wedding” and spend the day in peace doing nothing at all. You can check out more on the campaign on their Instagram