Everyone who lives in Delhi has been to Sarojini, and everyone who has been to Sarojini, knows how intimidating it can get. 

Every shop has 100 options of every type of clothing to choose from, and the shopkeepers make sure you look at 95 at least. 

Sarojini is an experience in itself, and it’s best described by comedian Aakash Gupta in his new standup video Sarojini Nagar | Excuse Me Brother.

He starts by mentioning the extra-friendliness of the bhaiyas, who call you from behind, sometimes even addressing you by the colour of your clothes. You know how it goes, “Blue top waali ma’am, idhar dekhiye“.  

And these guys truly have the magical power of pulling people to the shop. It is simply impossible to say no to them.

They also resort to the strangest methods and come up with the most random conversation starters (someone once asked my mother, “Sister, mama ki dukaan se bhateeji ko kapde nahin dilayengi?”) Guess what, they work in their favour so what are you going to say?

Anyway, this is my favourite bit of the set. About the belt bhaiya. Who stands in the middle of the narrow lanes like an unassuming statue of liberty. And has a very unique way of catching you by surprise.

As is the case with sneaky goggle sellers.

Sarojini Nagar is a different universe altogether and its stars are the people who run it. You can watch the complete video here: