It’s one thing to enjoy a nice vacation with your family – kids, adults, uncles, aunts and maybe the neighbour too. But there are some places in the world where you’d only want to travel with your partner, or your mates. And absolutely no kids. 

1. Turks and Caicos Islands, South-East of the Bahamas

Even though Turks and Caicos Islands are surrounded by party hubs like Puerto Rico and Jamaica, don’t get fooled by its hipster nature. Once you get to the Providenciales area, you know you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s some of the sexiest beaches or the alluring 24/7 open restaurants, this place is filled with options where you might say it’s safe to lose some inhibitions.

2. Atlanta, Georgia, United States

People all over the world know about Las Vegas and Atlantic City when it comes to clubs and casinos is the US. But how often do you hear people speaking about Atlanta, GA in the same vein? Well, they should. You can never run out of naughty things to do when in Atlanta, especially if you’re thinking nightlife. From drag shows to erotic trapeze shows, from the notorious Frolicon to partying at Studio Eris, which calls itself an “intimate dungeon and event space”, Atlanta has it all.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Okay, you might be tempted to say “Hey, I heard about XYZ family taking their kids to Bangkok last winter and they were okay”, but did you ask mommy or daddy XYZ if they’d rather go without the kids? Yep, Bangkok has something for everyone, but more so for adults who’re willing to explore their fantasies. From GoGo bars to Ladyboy shows, from intimate massage parlours to all-night raves, Bangkok is one place you should definitely visit without having to worry about your kids.

4. Saint Tropez, France

Once upon a time, Saint Tropez was a quaint fishing village. But then the swinging ’60s happened and then the super-rich decided to make it their party pavilion. There are no two ways about it – you enjoy Saint Tropez if you’re rich or you know someone who’s rich. Now the private yachts outnumber the fishing boats and what was once a quiet village is now a full-on party paradise.

5. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of those places where you can miss out on a lot if you sleep. Yep, there are parties all day, during sunset at night and even those that last till the morning. Cavo Paradiso, which is just a short bus ride away, has parties that last till 10 in the morning and then the whole cycle starts all over again. A weekend in Mykonos, without any kids to worry about is what every yuppie needs.

6. Osaka, Japan

If Tokyo is the crazy and cutting-edge sibling, and Kyoto the sensible and traditional, Osaka is the rebellious, edgy one. Japan’s third largest city, Osaka certainly knows how to hold its own. Rough round the edges, brash, bold and a little removed from its ultra-clinical sister cities of Japan, Osaka has plenty to keep you occupied – day and night. Believe it or not, they have vending machines that give out used panties. o_O

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