Eating at airports was the most expensive activity for me, until recently, when I discovered that one can get access to free food at airport lounges.

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I have always been one of those people who carries packed lunches on my flights because airports ka khana is too expensive.

We all have been in that situation where we had to satiate our hunger looking at people eating fancy food. Thanks to airport lounges that let you eat as much as you want and that too for free, now 

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Also, I have never been the one to reach airports or railway stations way before time. Like yeah, I've ignored all the advice my parents constantly give me till date.

But now I have suddenly changed. Reaching airports well before time is not irritating to me anymore, because of the free access to airport lounges.

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For those who are still not aware of this, you can get access to certain airport lounges for free or at minimal charges like ₹20 or 50 using credit and debit cards of specific types, if you are not travelling business class.

There's so much food there and of different varieties that you would get tired of eating, but the food won't end.

From starters and main course to desserts and beverages, you'll find an extensive menu there.

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Thanks to them, we are now not even worried about delayed flights. It's okay as we have one more chance to have unlimited food and drinks.

I have met people who skip their meals before travel because they'll have to eat the food at lounges. Itna kaun prepare karta hai bhai?

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And then there are people who are ready to go through the security check once again just so that they can enjoy the services at lounges.

You can relax comfortably on sofas and recliners and read your favourite book, or even do your pending office work. Add to it free WiFi and you have a chance to download as many shows and movies you want to. Doesn't matter whether you watch them or not.

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Just because there is free food and drinks, you will see people eating and drinking at odd hours, like at 1 or 2 in the morning when they should be sleeping.

We have a special inclination towards free stuff and when it's food, the connection just grows stronger.

Even after paying a hefty amount of money for our travel, the immense pleasure we derive from free services at airport lounges is incomparable.