The countdown to New Year’s has begun. Ignoring all the resolutions, we want to make sure that on this New Year’s Eve we are in the “IT”partayyy! Also, we know December is the best month to explore India so let’s dive in the cities of India which offers the best parties that will let you paint the town red. 

1. Goa 

Okay, we can’t spell “party” without mentioning GOA! When the year is about to end, this little state becomes Las Vegas of India and you don’t want to miss that freaking party.

2. Bengaluru

When we talk about parties, we cannot forget this particular place that started the whole bloody concept of weekending in India. So, who all are joining us in the city that works hard.

3. Mumbai

The city that never sleeps? Nah! The city that fulfills dreams? Nah! It is a city that offers the best New Year’s Eve parties and you are going to love it.

4. Udaipur

When we mention this gem of Rajasthan, you have to know that it is all about royalty here. Swirl your wine and sip it while you are at Upre 1559, Udaipur. Trust us, you are going to remember the beginning of this New Year for a really long time.

5. New Delhi

In chilly winters, Delhi shows the best of hospitality. So, head to Hauz Khas or Cyber hub on New Year’s Eve and you are going to see the best night of the year passing by.

6. Kasol

How could we miss out on this trippy place? Parties and getting high are two things that go along. And which place could make you high like Kasol does? So, take your backpack and roam around on the roads of this small town and enjoy the little treks by the side of it. Also, sneak into the secret parties to see the hidden side of this town.

7. Puducherry

Talking about New Year’s eve, why not end this year the French way? Well, no we aren’t talking about the canoodling culture. We can surely do that because why not, but we actually meant by partying in the French territory.

8. Rann Of Kutch

Get your cabana under the legit thousand stars and enjoy a night while you enjoy the desert safari. We know it is not your usual idea of the beginning of a new year but isn’t New Year’s Eve about all the new experiences?

9. Lakshadweep

You must be well versed with the idea of club-hopping but have you ever tried beach hopping on New Year’s Eve? Try it because we assure you, it will be a New Year party like no other.

10. Auli

If your blood rushes at the word ‘adventures’ then this is your go-to place. Visit Auli this New Year’s Eve and enjoy the thrilling winter sports. Yes, we are redefining your party rules this year.

Where are you headed this 31st December 2019?