It’s that time of the year where we’re all kind of done with the chaos of everyday life. So, many of us are looking to get away for the weekend and specifically, for a long weekend. Which is why we’ve curated a list of budget friendly road trips you can take from Delhi, for the coming long weekend; Because if you are one of the lucky ones who’s getting an off for Eid on the 28th of September, then you can easily plan a 5 day trip till 2nd of October. And if not, you still get three whole days!

Budget Trip Delhi
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Here, take a look for yourself:

1. Sariska Tiger Reserve (195 km)

Not only is the distance perfect, but this road trip would be cost effective as well. You can expect to spend ₹4-6K per person on a trip to Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Budget Trip Delhi
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2. Bharatpur (220 km)

Another trip that you can take from Delhi, that can cost you ₹5-8K. From the cost of car fuel to accommodation and a tour of the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, you can travel here in a budget.

Budget Trip Delhi
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3. Agra (233 km)

It can take you around 4-5 hours to reach Agra, and you can expect this to be a ₹4-9K trip, including the accommodation and food costs.

Budget Trip Delhi
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4. Rishikesh (241 km)

Rishikesh is a great place to budget friendly adventure. There are plenty of hostels as accommodation options that you can consider and you can make this trip happen in ₹5-7K.

Budget Trip Delhi
Credit: Times Of India

5. Lansdowne (260 km)

The accommodation and the food may cost you ₹2500 per day, so you can anticipate spending ₹5-7K for the entire trip.

Budget Trip Delhi
Credit: The Indian Express

6. Mussoorie (289 km)

If you’re looking to travel to Mussoorie, then you can expect to shell out about ₹2K per day for the accommodation and leisure activity. So, in total, you can expect to spend ₹5-8K on your trip to the location.

Budget Trip Delhi
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7. Mukteshwar (333 km)

Though you can go sightseeing in Mukhteshwar, it’s also a great place to plan a staycation at. So, you can expect to spend ₹4-7K on a vacation to here.

Budget Trip Delhi

8. Binsar (418 km)

Like most hill stations, a road trip to Binsar means spending a little more on the fuel cost, but you can look for budget properties to stay at here to keep the costs under control. So, once again you can expect to shell out ₹5-8K on a trip to Binsar.

Budget Trip Delhi
Credit: Uttarakhand Tourism

9. Manesar (56.5 km)

A relatively budget friendly option, Manesar can be a good option to travel to if you’re looking for something very close by, and also more of a staycation. Expect to spend ₹4-6K here.

Budget Trip Delhi

10. Haridwar (213 km)

Though many may think Haridwar is a travel option for spiritualists and people who are enthusiastic about their faith, you can also consider checking out the treks in Haridwar. In that case, you can anticipate a trip to Haridwar to cost you ₹5-10K.

Budget Trip Delhi
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Happy travelling folks.