Living abroad for studies, work or even just building a life is not always as happening as it looks. It can be difficult to live somewhere, if you aren’t accepted for who you are. Racism is definitely something that can make a person feel that, and while it sadly exists almost everywhere, it doesn’t justify the act. 

Redditors share incidents of the time they were subjected to racist comments and actions:

1. “I was in Thailand, I wanted directions to one of the temples in Bangkok. So, I approached a young white couple, since they looked like tourists and probably knew where it was. When I approached them, they did not even listen to what I had to say and simply said, “We’re not buying anything.” It stunned me for a minute, then I asked my white friend to go and ask around.”

2. “I was walking to a store when a teenage girl, who was on phone, sitting on a bench that I passed by, shouted at me – ‘fuck off, you paki’. I gave her a look as if I didn’t know what she was talking about.”

3. “Canadian here. I have, but it’s nothing like what people in the States face. Like, ‘oh you know Indians are always late’ or ‘oh, Indians smell’, these stereotypes.”

4. “I worked in education and social work. So, I had a few clients who would react a little weird. For example, “Are you sure you can do a job, coaching and accommodating at their work place, it’s a steakhouse.” Or “Are you sure you can teach American history, wouldn’t math be more in your wheel house?” Joke’s on you dude, I’m a science gal!”

5. “On a bus from Italy to Switzerland. At the border, the Swiss border guard came on board, inquired me, the only non-white person, and checked my papers. He then felt guilty and checked the papers of every person on the bus. This took a few minutes and I got quite a few dirty looks from the other passengers and the driver.”

6. “A friend of mine was in line at Starbucks in Chicago. The lady behind the counter kept a cup for another customer. My friend thought it was his, so he picked it up and without actually drinking it, put it back as he realized it wasn’t his. The actual customer, who’s cup it was, saw it and refused to pick it up and asked for a new cup. Her reason – he picked it up.”

– 1581947

7. “I live in the US. The area I am in, has a lot of Indians, and I’ve had comments made to me about “too many indians being around”. I’ve also had some slurs and colorist comments thrown my way. However, racists exist everywhere.”

8. “Our real estate agent got a call from a seller’s agent when my parents were looking for a house. Our agent put the call on speaker, I guess to be transparent about whether the offer on the house was accepted or denied. The seller’s agent said that they would not sell to anybody with the last name ‘Singh’ because apparently 2 families had bid on the house and then couldn’t get a loan approved.”

9. “Personal experience: I dated a white guy for two years who told me “Indian people are weak, non-athletic”, told me he’d never wear a turban to our wedding, and laughed about me wanting our future children to learn Indian dance. Needless to say, we broke up.”

10. “A while ago, a guy literally told me that “we don’t hire non-citizens”, lmfao I was born here.”

Clearly, a lot to deal with.