We’ve all seen news of YouTuber Karl Rock being blacklisted from India. As his vlog about why he’s been blacklisted went viral, the video was also flooded by comments on it. But, in spite of the situation he’s in, we can’t deny the love he has for India. Karl has been in India since 2013, uploading videos about Indian street food, markets and scenic destinations which have gotten him quite the following. 

Just in case you’re curious to see what we’re talking about, here are some videos of his that prove this. 

1. When he decided he wanted to put a smile on people’s faces by speaking to them in Hindi. 

2. The time he turned into bit of Darjeeling tea connoisseur. 

3. When the New Zealander decided to go explore the chor bazaar. 

4. When he took his viewers on a virtual tour of Andaman & Nicobar to show them what a beautiful country India really is.

5. The time he delved deeper into our country’s rich food culture and showed them what Gujarati street food is like. 

6. Then when the content creator decided to teach the world everything to know about chaat. 

7. When he took his viewers on his travels to Jammu. 

8. Was it surprising to see him take his Indian wife along with him to review Parsi food? Not at this point!

9. When he felt the call of the hills.

10. The fact that he is exploring every corner of India and showing his viewers the beauty it holds. This time around he decided to head to Tripura. 

11. When he didn’t look past the small towns in our country with any sort of elitism and explored the street food in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. 

12. When the YouTuber gave the world a look into what street food is like in Jammu. 

Convinced yet? The guy really does love India.