How maddening is it when someone brutally ruins the plan by pulling the plug right before it starts? On a scale of 1-10, it’s f*cking 11.

Since the world is rife with such people and you’ll most likely face it again soon, here’s something that a Filipino man did when his wife abruptly cancelled the plan— something you can pull off to avenge yourself the next time. 

Raymond Fortunado had been looking forward to a trip to Coron in Palawan, the Philippines. His wife, a free-lance model, Joanne Fortunado, had to abruptly cancel the trip.

So what could he possibly do to ensure that his wife accompanies him on the trip? He took a meme-face pillow of his wife with himself on this ‘romantic’ holiday.

Mr Raymond captured memories with the pillow while snorkelling, shopping, and doing all the touristy things with it. At the airport, he had the meme-face pillow’s temperature monitored in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines. He also got other locals to click pictures with the pillow. 

Naturally, netizens find this cute, and the ‘meme’ face just adds to it.

Husband goals or whatever.