Trains are a great way of travelling from one place to another – convenient, comfortable, although a bit time-taking but fairly compensated by the scenic beauty you see throughout your journey. And if you are travelling to or fro from any of the following railway stations, the beauty continues from the start till you reach your destination. Bringing to you, some of the most beautiful railway stations around the world.

1. São Bento Station, Portugal

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2. Liège-Guillemins Railway Station, Belgium


3. Union Station, Los Angeles, USA

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4. Maputo Central Railway Station, Mozambique

5. Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia

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6. Dunedin Station, New Zealand 

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7. Grand Central Railway Station, New York, USA

Grand Central Terminal

8. Huddersfield Station, England

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9. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai, India

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10. Kanazawa Station, Japan

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11. Metz-Ville station, France

12. Gare do Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal

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13. Napoli Afragola, Italy


14. Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow, India

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