From Delhi to Bangalore, people have been sharing the paranormal experiences they have had in different cities across the country. And today, we have another set of spooky horror stories from the party capital of the country, Goa, that would definitely leave you screaming.

So, if you are looking forward to a spooky night, read on!

1. “I’m from Siolim and it happened on new year’s eve of 2012 when I was returning from my office in Arpora. It was 1:45 am and when I reached Siolim church, one man requested me for a lift to Oxel. Since it was new years night, the entire road seemed busy and crowded. So, I agreed to give him a lift as he looked like a decent, old man. He sat on my bike and was talking to me throughout our journey. When I took a turn on our way, there were two cemeteries and that man told me never to come from this road after 12 at night. When we reached exactly at the cemetery, suddenly, one buffalo and three men appearing in the black dress appeared on the road. I accidentally hit one of the men and he screamed out loud. However, everything was fine. I got scared but I didn’t stop my bike. I was wondering why the man, sitting behind my bike, didn’t respond to the incident. After a while, I was about to ask that man about his destination location and when I turned around, that man was not there! I was absolutely blank, sweaty and couldn’t speak. I reached my home in the next five minutes and informed my father about the incident. My father informed me that the man was a protector of evil and he came to save me from those evil people outside the cemetery.”

2. “So, apparently, the Inox theatre in Panjim is haunted as there was a cemetery there before the theatre was built. People have also sighted bodies and other things hanging on the trees in the night.”

3. “So, this happened in 2002 on the Vasco AB route. As always, my tempo was loaded with milk crates and me, along with the driver, were on our way to Vasco from Ponda. At around 2 am, we saw a woman, along the roadside, asking for a lift. As she looked like a young educated married woman, we decided to give her a lift. On our entire journey, she was quiet. After a while, she told us to drop her at a dark place. She got out of the tempo and we waited till she made her further movements. To our surprise, she disappeared, within a blink of an eye. Later, we narrated this incident to some locals and they told us that it was the ghost of a woman, who died in a car crash 3 years back.” – Facebook User

4. “My friend’s brother and some of his friends were on their way to Goa for a vacation. They were driving through a village, with only three or four houses. Suddenly, their car broke down and everyone, except the driver, came out to push the car. However, the car didn’t start. After a while, they saw an old lady coming towards them and she asked them to wait at her place. She even offered them something to eat. So, they went to her house and the lady directly entered the kitchen to make some bhakari for them. They waited for about an hour and the lady had not returned yet. So, one of them went into the kitchen to check what had happened. After a few minutes, he came out running and asked his friends to flee from her house. Luckily, the car started too. They saw that lady running behind the car, repeatedly shouting ‘bhakari khaun jaa’. He then told his friends that the old lady had long tangled hair, which was floating in the air and her leg was inside a chulha and fire was erupting out from her feet. My friend then also added that the boy, who saw and narrated everything, fainted and went into a coma, later.”

5. “This incident happened in Chicalim Vasco when we had recently shifted to a new place. During Diwali vacations, my mother’s sister and her daughter, along with my grandmother, came to visit us. Since my grandmother is old, she slept on the bed in the bedroom and we shifted in the hall. Suddenly, at 11.45 pm, I woke up and could hear the sounds of anklets. I thought that it was my imagination. But then, my mother and brother woke up as they heard the sound too. We just ignored it and went back to sleep. It happened again the next day and now, we were scared. The next morning, we went to the nearest temple and told the priest about the incident. He said that it’s the protector and it will be stopped within some days. After a month, when I was not at home, my mother and brother were sleeping in the bedroom and they had kept the window open. At around 1 am, she heard the same sound again and even felt like someone was pulling her hair very tightly. She kept praying and it stopped. Since then, we hear those sounds quite often.”

5. “There’s a place called Three Kings Chapel in Goa which is considered to be haunted. So, when I was in Goa with a friend, we decided to go here. On our way, I was a little sceptical about going to that place. Since the location on the maps was wrong, we kind of lost our way. So, we stopped our car and asked a man about the location. The man was walking backwards and in a strange way. He was also wearing his clothes backwards and looked a little scary. The next man we asked, explained that there was some huge strange mirror ahead and we have to look in the mirror and climb up the hill. It was all so scary.”

6. “When I came down from England, I used to stay at my aunt’s place in Margao. One evening, I was going to my home back in Ponda. But, I got a call from my cousin, asking me to come to his place in Quepem for drinks. I agreed and told him that I’ll be there by 7 pm. When I reached home, I took my backpack and packed my stuff and then I left. I reached my cousin’s place at around 7:15 pm. We all were enjoying that evening. But at around 12:10 am, my cousin started talking about a topic that pissed me off and we ended up in an argument. I left the place at 12:40 am and was on my way to Ponda. I had to take the route via Shiroda and Panchwadi. At 1:30 am, I stopped to have a cigarette. I turned off the engine and lit my cigarette. Suddenly, I heard someone giggling and it’s was like a woman laughing. I turned around but saw nothing. I ignored it and started smoking again. I heard the giggling again but from a different direction. I had goosebumps on my hand for no reason as I saw someone yards away from me. It was a woman, standing with a child. As soon as I saw them, I thought they were in trouble and I asked them if they wanted any help. The woman didn’t respond and her hair was all over her face. I asked again if they need some help to which the CHILD responded that ‘MY MOM WAS MURDERED AND KILLED BY SOMEONE AND I WAS NOT BORN IN THIS WORLD’. As I heard his manly voice, I had a wild chill in my spine. I was frightened by his words. I just took my phone from my pocket to call my cousin. As I looked at them again, they weren’t there. After that, I reached home safely. This made me believe that there are dead souls around and they haven’t rested in peace in heaven.”

7. “Back in 2004, a friend and I decided to drive down to Goa for a short vacation. Being the month of August, Goa was deserted with hardly any tourists. In a way, it was good since we didn’t encounter any crowds and most places were very welcoming. On the evening of the second day, we decided to head towards Baga beach, since we had heard there’s a new pub coming up or was under renovation (Tito’s). Our hotel, on the other hand, was in Miramar beach. As we entered the road between Baga and Calangute, we noticed a lady walking by the side of the road, wearing a short pink dress. On nearing her, we were surprised to see her as the road was completely empty, except for the three of us. We slowed the car and asked her where she was going and if she wanted a lift. Initially hesitant, she agreed to let us drop her at Tito’s. She said her name was Kim and was on a holiday in India. She was to take a train to Mumbai two days later. We reached Baga beach and parked the car. Before we were done parking, this lady got off the car and disappeared. On getting out, we saw Tito’s was closed and the only other place to go was into the beach. Since it was dark, there was a group of men, sitting there by a bonfire. We casually inquired if they saw a girl who matched the description given by us. They said no. We forgot about the incident and ended up drinking a few beers at some other place. At about 11:30 pm, we decided to drive back to our hotel at Miramar. On our way back, the road tends to go through a ghat section. There were no vehicles on the road, just our car with us in it, no music playing and no conversation happening. Suddenly, as if we heard a noise from the back of the car, my friend and I instinctively turned behind. We were then looking at each other in surprise. I asked him what happened and he said ‘I felt Kim was still sitting there’ and boy, a chill ran down my spine. I felt the exact same thing. We narrated the incident to our hotel staff and they said we were lucky. Apparently, a lot of spirits/ghosts/souls of dead people roam around usually busy places when they are empty, looking for victims.”

8. “So, this happened at Agassaim near Sulabhat Lake. There was a man, selling bangles. Later, a lady told him that she wants the bangles but she didn’t have any money with her. She said that her money is kept at a specific place at her house and asked him to get it. Since the salesman knew her house, he went there and asked her mother to pay him the money, which is kept at a specific place. Her mother was shocked to hear this as her daughter passed away one year ago. She even found the money at the place directed by the salesman. He got very puzzled and died the next day because of a heart attack.”

9. “It happened when I was studying in a college in Goa. I was 20 and used to stay at a hostel. At around 1 am, we were in the study hall, preparing for our exam the next day. There were a few more boys in the study hall. After a while, I felt tired of studying and looked out of the window. There, in distance, I saw a lady in a white saree. She was 5 ft tall, had long black hair and was combing it with her fingers. The best part is, this lady was not standing on the ground but she was at the top of a house. I could see her so clearly because there was light from the streetlamp above her. I blinked my eyes, but she was still it was there. I showed it to my friend and he could see her too. Soon, it faded away. The next day after our exams, we (me and my friend) walked towards the direction where we saw this lady the previous night. To our shock, there was nothing, not even that house. The lamppost was there, but the bulb was broken and was covered with spider web.”

10. “Inox cinema in Goa was first a medical college and a hospital, but now it’s the best entertainment building in the capital Panaji. My friends and I always take the last show of the movies as it is more convenient for us. One night, I was bored and I called up my friend to go see a movie. I picked my friend up and we took our seats at the theatre. To our right, leaving one seat, there was a girl sitting with a scarf over her hair just like a girl from the late 50s. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see her face exactly. After the movie was over and the lights were on, I noticed that she wasn’t there anymore. I thought she might have probably left during the movie. I later dropped my friend off and was returning home to go to Porvorim. I took the other way from Miramar. Suddenly, it started raining and I stopped under the tree shade. I suddenly heard a loud noise like a girl screaming. After 20 minutes, the rain slowed down. So, I kick-started my bike and, again, heard a loud noise. I saw the same girl from the theatre, weeping loudly. I went next to her and asked her what happened and why is she crying. I asked her if I can drop her home. She agreed and I gave her the lift to Agassaim. From Panjim to Agassaim, we didn’t speak, at all. I dropped her and she started crossing the road. I looked back and saw her crawling and running like a beast, to the church. I got shivers and I drove away. Later, my family priest told us that the girl’s husband passed away at the old hospital, which is now Inox, and the theatre, where she was sitting, was her husband’s ward.”

So, what are your Goa plans now?