Every city in India has some myths and superstitions that almost every resident believes in. Most of them are completely lacking in science and they stem from old history and passed down tales. Some of them are spooky while others are just interesting.

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We found a Reddit thread on the India subreddit where desi people shared that one major superstition that everyone from their city believes in. From Mysore to Ujjain, the superstitions that people shared will absolutely blow your mind. Read here.

1. “In Mysore, there are some lands in and around the Mysore Palace (also in the city) which are supposed to be cursed. The myth goes that the Kings’ family who previously owned these lands were forced to give up the ownership. They had cursed the land to be unproductive. So whoever buys or runs their business on those lands faces problems – in both personal and business life.” – buddychaddi


2. “In Bangalore during the 1990s, everybody wrote the words ‘naale baa‘ (come tomorrow instead) on their doors. So that the arriving ghost would read it and come back the next day, and so on.” – GirlHereAndThere


3. “Don’t leave Kashi on a somvaar (Monday). I suppose the superstition came to be because of the influx of devotees coming into the city on Mondays and it is really annoying to go in the opposite direction. But it stuck. My parents have been denying me the opportunity to leave Varanasi on Mondays for the last 16 years.” – eclipse0990

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4. “Don’t take eggs from wild poultry near the Rih Dil. Rih Dil is a lake in Mizoram. It was believed to be the entrance to the city of the dead. So, if someone took an egg from the birds here, they would stay in place and would not be able to go home. The only way to reverse the curse is to give back the egg.” – whydama

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5. “There is a Shaheedan Gurudwara between Taran Tarn and Amritsar. While fighting against Afghan invaders, someone struck a blow at Baba Deep Singh’s neck. He carried his head in one hand and continued fighting till they reached Golden Temple. Every time you are travelling between Amritsar and Taran Tarn (in either direction), everyone stops momentarily in front of the gurudwara to pay respects before continuing your journey. It is believed that if you don’t stop, then something bad will happen.” – varis12

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6. “Among Odia people there’s a belief that if you find a perfectly or at least perfectly round rock, Lord Vishnu resides in it and it is therefore to be put in the pooja chamber.” – feelinghothothotter

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7. “Gaya in Bihar has a superstition that it is cursed by Gayasur. The day Gaya won’t have a single death, it will be destroyed.” – CombinationUnhappy80


8. “If a person of higher political position stays the night in Ujjain, he/she will lose their power as mahakal should be the only king here.” – INVADER121204


9. “There is a temple in Hyderabad – the Chilkoor Balaji Temple – popularly known as the Visa temple. There is a belief that if you take your passport to the temple and circle around 108 times, you will get any visa approved.” – SpareSpirited9288


10. “It is believed that any ruler who visits the Tanjore temple will lose reign in the near future.” – macdude


11. “In Mandi, it is believed that during the month of Bhadrapada, Devta (deities with palanquins) fights with Dayan (witches) on a hill called Ghoghar Dhar. During this month, the doors of all Devta temples are closed. Nobody is allowed to visit.” – Aromatic_Coconut_231


12. “Never take soil from Banaras to any other city. It’s because Banaras is known for its ghats. It also has the Manikarnika Ghat where the fire never burns out. Thousands of bodies are cremated every day.” – _papertown_

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Some of these have existed for decades and likely will continue to exist. Wild!