India has many beautiful places that offer a picturesque view to us. And one such untouched paradise, Ladakh, is a beauty we must surely preserve. 

In a horrific incident that’s making waves on social media today, we have a group of tourists creating a ruckus and driving a car in the pristine Pangong Pso lake in Ladakh. The video was shared by Jigmat Ladakhi on Twitter and has gone viral.

Have a look:

The two men are lurking out of the sunroof of an Audi car, and they are clearly having fun. They also have bottles of alcohol along with food, foldable chairs, and a table installed.

This shameful act has been called out by people and has received more than 500k views and 12K likes on Twitter.

Twittizens are shocked to see the irresponsibility of the tourist and have called for immediate action. 

The post also highlighted that police and above all common people of Ladakh have been trying to preserve and protect Pangong Lake which is ecologically so sensitive.

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