For those who love traveling, there’s nothing better than having an income while sipping margaritas on the beaches and kadak chai on the mountains and it’s nice for the rest of us too, to watch vlogs and content around it. 

However, have you ever considered the benefits of being a travel influencers? In the list below, we have listed them and it reveals a lot about this career.

1. Free and sometimes very expensive stays.

I mean, we have to start with the most obvious one, right? The best bit about being a travel influencer is the free vacations. From the most luxurious and comfortable flights to the finest hotels around the world, the influencers get access to the best of things.

2. To earn lakhs while working.

It’s a no-brainer that these travel influencers earn well, along with several other benefits. A travel influencer, @shivya, with 113K followers, revealed that she earns around ₹1-2 lakhs a month. Their income also includes brand collaborations which brings ₹1-2 lakhs per collaboration, revealed @twoticketstofreedom.

3. To make new friends and meet celebrities.

The best bit about traveling is the fact that it breaks our monotonous routine; and, travel influencers meet new people, from different cultures and backgrounds – this brings them fresh viewpoints and experiences. Apart from this, they also collaborate with celebrities and sometimes even travel with them.

4. To explore new places across the world.

As tourists, we generally pick the most famous destinations for traveling, but these influencers get to travel to the unknown or lesser-known destinations and get paid to promote them with their content on social media.

5. To learn new things and have more hobbies.

From taking baking sessions in a quaint town to making chocolates in the snow-clad mountains, traveling enhances the chances for these influencers to learn new and unusual hobbies.

6. To have a flexible schedule.

Another brilliant thing about being a travel influencer is that they don’t need to work around the clock. There are several celebrities to work at the time that suits them, unless there’s a major crisis. Since they don’t work in offices, they have the liberty to choose the destination or location to work from wherever they want.

7. To indulge in endless activities and cultural experiences.

Of course, since travel influencers get to roam around the world, they do experience different activities in a new light. They do the things that we can just imagine and they turn out to be the most fun experiences of their lives.

8. To collect airline points. 

From buying business class tickets to using them to splurge on a luxe hotel, there are several benefits of collecting airline points. Needless to mention, since these influencers travel a lot with massive airlines, they get the points, over time, which leads to amazing deals and benefits.

9. To receive free benefits and invites.

Talking about benefits, travel influencers also get free goodies like camera lenses, selfie ring lights and travel backpacks. Also, they get free invites for a bunch of events and award ceremonies.

10. To always have a tale to share.

Needless to mention, travel influencers have millions of stories in their pockets. Each time a destination or activity pops up, they are so much to share and discuss!

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