Exploring a new place when travelling overseas is a rewarding experience. You attempt to see things through the perspective of a native and open your eyes to other cultures. 

On the other hand, what you consider typical in your native country may be considered a source of embarrassment elsewhere.

To your rescue we have covered what these 27 people have got to share as an unwritten rule of their country. 

1. “In Cuba it often looks like there’s no line, but there is. It’s called ‘el ultimo’. When you arrive somewhere you ask ‘el ultimo?’ and whoever is last in line raises their hand. You are now ‘el ultimo’ and you just know who is in front of you. In the meantime you can sit down in some shade.”


2. “Scandinavia – You don’t talk about religion. Got one? Good for you, but that’s nothing to bring up/discuss.”

– Qzy


3. “Finland – We are not trying to be rude, we just don’t do small talk.”


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4. “Ireland – Seriously, no one cares if you have an Irish great aunt twice removed, that absolutely does not make you Irish, and it’s pretty insulting to claim otherwise.”

5. “Mainland China – Do not buy traditional Chinese silk clothes and from a shop also sells wreath (no matter how beautiful they are). Those clothes are for dead people, and that shop is a shroud shop. You have no idea how horrifying to se a foreigner wearing them and walking down the street.”


6. “USA – We are going to talk to you. We like to make small talk with strangers because it sometimes leads to friendships or even just perks of having acquaintances. Once we hear your accent, oh SNAP! We will have a million questions about your country. Some will seem ignorant, some will just be downright funny. Humor us.”

7. “USA – Do not pick up babies. Anywhere. I went to costco with a few Korean foreign exchange student friends and one of them picked up a baby from the cart. The mother was looking away and when she turned back I saw the instant fear in her eyes. I told my friend to put the baby down and explained to the mom that they were foreign and its okay to touch babies in Korea.”


8. “Southern Italy – Be loud if someone is doing it, you can do it too.”

– escaday

9. “Korea – People are going to touch / gently push / bump into you in public places, without saying anything like ‘excuse me’ or the Korean equivalent – this is a crowded place, get used to it.”

10. “Denmark – DO NOT STAND OR WALK IN THE BIKELANE! You will get yelled at and/or run over.”


11. “Sweden – Don’t get too close to me, our personal space is rather big.

If you’re taking the bus, do not ever sit down next to another person if there’s other free seats.”


12. “Australia – DO try to put on an Australian accent. Seriously, it’s hilarious for us.”

13. “Vietnam – Commit to crossing the road. I know it looks scary due to the endless scooter stampede but if you just cross at a steady pace, they’ll avoid you. Do not try to dodge or make sudden movements, you will get your ass hit and there will be no sympathy.”


14. ‘UK – You never, ever, jump a queue.”

15. “Japan – Bow to people who bow to you.”


16. “India – Never refer to someone older than you by their name.”

17. “Brazil – Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t take off your clothes in public in Brazil. Yes, at least a few tourists are arrested every year for this.”

– schmook

18. “England – If someone asks ‘you alright?’ Or ‘alright mate?’, this is not an invitation to explain how you are doing in any sort of detail. The only acceptable answers are ‘yeh mate, you?’ And ‘not bad, yourself?’ Anything else is just weird.”

– JackLegg      

19. “Southerners, USA – Be really mindful if someone says ‘bless your heart,’ because that could mean you earned high favor or just stepped in a big pile of trouble.”


20. “Filipino – When going to a friend’s house and the family offers you have dinner with them, it is impolite to say no.”

– hanbanee 

21. “In America – If you rent a bike, you should be aware that even if the bike lane is painted onto the street in a rainbow pattern with flashing neon lights, nobody gives a s**t. You are not safe in the bike lane.”

– unknown


22. “Portuguese – Speak in Spanish with us and you will get punched in the throat.”

23. “Germany – On the escalator, if you want to stand, stand on the right side and let others pass left.”

24. “Iceland – Don’t drive off-road. Because the tracks will stay for long time in the land.” 

25. “Thailand – When you meet someone you have not seen for a while, they will make a comment about your weight.. Heavier or Skinner.. they’re not trying to be offensive.. it’s just how they are..”

26. “Mexico – Three things are sacred here: The Flag, the Virgin and the Football Selection.”


27. “Singapore – Where I’m at, such as fast food restaurants and food courts, there’s a common practice known as chopeing’, where one can ‘chope’, or reserve a table by placing a packet of tissues on the table. Tourists who have no idea of this usually take the table obliviously and gets dirty looks from the local who ‘choped’ the table.”

– RadioactiveNewt                   


Which was the least anticipated unwritten rule that you came across? Let us know in the comments below.