Ah yes, here we are teaching you Urdu. Mark your attendance and park yourself. 

1. Roohaniyat

Meaning: Soulfulness

There will not be any Abhrahamisation of your soul if you should choose to include this world in your vocabulary. 


2. Nawazish

Meaning:  Being kind and generous

I am not a linguist but I don’t think there are a lot of words that express the act of giving with such class. 

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4. Inayat 

Meaning: Blessing

Now, that is just beautiful, isn’t it? And it makes for an excellent name for a child. 


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5. Noor

Meaning: Radiance

It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? I mean, it just sounds beautiful.  

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6. Khwabeeda

Meaning: Dreamy

Honestly, it sounds a lot less lazy than dreamy. When you say Bablu is dreamy, you’re thinking of a fickle-minded kid daydreaming. Khwaabeeda makes you sound like a philosopher. 

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7. Raqs

Meaning: Dance

No one’s ever going to make fun of you if you tell them you took some Raqs classes. Of course, you have to say the rest of the sentence in Urdu as well. You can’t halfa** this, man. 

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8. Sifar

Meaning: Nothingness

Even nothingness sounds beautiful in Urdu, huh! 


9. Vasl

Meaning: Passion

No wonder it’s the language of love. 

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10. Seher

Meaning: Morning

If we are to wake up and slave away our lives for our bosses anyway, we might as well call mornings. Seher. At least we’ll try to feel hopeful about it. 


11. Qurbat

Meaning: Closeness

I am pretty sure I have heard this word a few times in songs. Need to use in daily life as well. 

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12. Uns 

Meaning: Love

What problem could anybody have with this word? Seriously, I am asking. 


Well, this much Urdu in a day somehow makes me feel clean. Wow!