Among many things that India is known for (good and bad), the chaos caused by traffic, probably tops the list. As citizens, we’re not all fans of rules or road ethics, and the only thing that keeps us from breaking them is the fine that comes with it. For obvious reasons, that’s not always the solution. But, there’s a silent city in our country that has garnered attention for being extremely regulated with its traffic.

Source: Instagram

Lizzwanders, a blogger, shared a video from Aizwal, Mizoram which shows the traffic etiquette in the city. Given the confined road space, no one is trying to overtake another vehicle, and instead, driving in a straight line. And since we have a very low bar, it’s surprising to see a road full of vehicles and not hear someone honk.

Source: Instagram

Adding to that, the people using two-wheelers are seen wearing helmets (as they should) of the same colour. The discipline in the city is remarkable, and while we wish to see this implemented everywhere in the country, it feels like a dream.

The internet is certainly surprised.

Source: Instagram

Watch the video here:

Of course, now everyone wants to move there.