If you simply imagine nature to be only mountains, rivers, and hills, you have another thing coming. You may not believe it but Mother Nature has a dark sense of humor, and boy, she doesn’t hold back. 

Brace yourself, because the images that are to follow may kill your appetite for a few hours (read days). 

And I sure as hell hope you haven’t just eaten.

Because this seal eating an octopus is something that will ensure that you never do. 

Or this…

Can anyone guess what this creature is? No, it is not Snape.

And you won’t want to piss these big bad wolves off.

Battle scars after. Never mess with Cape Buffalos. 

An owl kill lemmings only to make a nest from their carcasses, just because he could.


Guess who had a more awful day than you? This Zebra. 

Frozen II. 

Camouflaging gone wrong. 

All the souls on their way to hell. Not.

Dead flower. Dead people. Same difference apparently. 

Did you know there is parasite, cymothoa exigua, that enters a fish through the gills, and then attaches itself to the fish’s tongue? No? I am sorry then.

Hey Mama Centepede? You eating your babies or protecting them? 

Winter came. 

Crown of victory?

This Black Widow spider caught a snake in its web (and gave us the creeps)

This is a shark right before it breaks the surface of water. 

A hornet nest built around a mask in an abandoned room.

And you thought you were having a bad day.

If you got a kick out of this, feel free to check out more such pictures here. You freak.